Friday, 16 May 2008

All about L.U.V.E


L.U.V.E is my very first novel. It's a love story.

Me? Being oh-so-cynical about love... And I'm writing a love story! Hah!

Well, here's the synopsis:

The Love. The Other Girl. The Old Flame. The Other Guy.
Semuanya membelit Uthman Huzir, memutarkan hidupnya 360°. Tapi dia yang meminta – mungkin bukan untuk semuanya, serentak! Hanya untuk The Love.
Tapi ada The Other Girl, The Old Flame dan The Other Guy juga.
...Dan dirinya sendiri.
Antara The Love atau The Other Girl atau The Old Flame.
Dia mendambakan The Love, sepenuh cinta.
The Other Girl mengejar dia. The Old Flame inginkan dia kembali. The Other Guy mahukan The Love.
Untuk ‘I love you’. Jawapan yang pasti untuk The Love. Tapi...

And I expect this to be at the back of the novel. No changes, please! Huhu!


alia said...

yo dude! how to get a copy of your novel?

anyway just check out my blog and let me know ya!

good luck!

Muhammad Hafiz Bin Jasmi said...

Salam Pingu Toha..
apa novel terbaru awak?
i like ur writing stail..!
give me some feedback bro..