Lana Lang

Kau dambakan Clark Kent
aku dalam bayang-bayang
aku tak bisa terbang
aku hanya orang biasa
Siapalah Clark Kent
aku tak gentar kryptonite
aku kan orang biasa
siapa dapat menghalang
Oh Lana Lang
Lari bersamaku
ke langit jingga
untuk malam rindu
dalam cintaku
engkaulah jiwa
engkau yang satu
Oh Lana Lang
Buka mata olivemu
Lihat dalam hatiku
Betapa aku mahu kamu
Betapa aku cinta kamu
Aku takkan jadi Superman
Jadi...selamatkan aku
Oh Lana Lang


alia said...


how to provide u the copy? just email or meet u in person?

Lana Lang ye... interrelated with the crush u met on the bus ke?

keep up the good work :)

pingutoha said...

Have we met before actually? How did we know each other? I think ur life is exciting!

Email pun OK gak...but meeting up sounds fun!

If u like, I can send u my L.U.V.E (well, just the draft la...) Maybe we can discuss about our work. (",)

alia said...

we've not met (ever!); perhaps on facebook :P we got to know each other by this Velocity program somewhere in the last 1 or 2 years (i think)

hehehe... my life's just ordinary, except on weekends coz i train children to perform on stage. so i have to be a lil' bit animated/cartoonish to grab their attention, only even if they'll pay attention for 2 mins.

sure! swapping and discussing each other's work sounds interesting (",)

just lemme know where & when ok?

alia said...

my email's though i do have a gmail acc. (jarang check my gmail unless some1 tells me that they've sent me stuff there).

I would LOVE to drop by Borders but I'll go ga-ga at all the books there (susahla I macam tu!) Well, honestly I think I'll always go ga-ga everytime I enter any big, cozy, prestigious bookstores like Kinokuniya, MPH, Times, ... except Popular :P
tapi takkan nak budge u during your working hours???

anyway I'll keep an eye for your L.U.V.E. in my email.

cheers (",)

alia said...

got your email. thanks!