Kiki No. 5, Bab 2

Hullo all!

Sorry sebab dah lama dah update this blog. I've been busy with my daytime job. And during the nights, I prefer to work on my current project, 1 4 3. Or most of the time just lazying around and checking my Facebook... hehe!

Anyhow, my writer's block dah semakin terhakis temboknya. I have managed to finish a few chapters for 1 4 3 and revive Kiki No. 5.

The new chapter for Kiki No. 5 has been published here. Happy reading!

P/S: Doakan saya ilham banyak-banyak! Thanks and love you all!!!


alia said...


penglipurlara said...

Hello Pingu,

I just finished reading your book, LUVE. I'm excited reading your book that I looked forward to coming home earlier than usual so that I can start reading, as at work it's really busy. Bila dah start reading, i kept turning the page sampai kan how many nights I slept really late.

Your book is touchingly funny, sad and geram. Geram kat Uth, tak paham2 pasal cinta, dan buat tak paham dan pengecut. Nasib baik lah tak terlepas Lana. Life is short kan? So we must make it as sweet and simple as we can. Betul tak?

Well done on LUVE! I look forward to read your next book. Do keep me in the loop when you publish it. Leave a note in my blog.

Lots of LUVE,

Nel @ Penglipur Lara

Pingu Toha said...

gee, thanks Lara! :)

FARIE said...

hope ilham dtg byk2 utk u..
i dh bace ur novel L.u.V.e..
nice.. simple & x terlalu complicated..
suka gaya penlisan u yg santai..
keep it up.. gud luck yar..

Pingu Toha said...

tenks farie!! :)

penglipurlara said...

Hello Pingu,

You're most welcome, and thanks for commenting on my blog. Really made my day :)

I've written a review on your book in my blog. I hope you like it.

Nel @ Penglipur Lara

penglipurlara said...

Hi Pingu,

Thanks for dropping a comment in my blog. Hehehe...I'm glad I made your day, Pingu, because your book made my week :) Guess that's a really good deal for me! Wow!

Lots of LUVE,
Nel @ Penglipur Lara :)

awanbiru said...


just finished LUVE. Memanglah best. Tak rugi beli.

Tapi agak tensi dengan that Uth. Perlu ke tahu apa itu cinta sebelum kita bercinta??

Agak kagum dengan Lana. Gila maju, ada ke girl macam tu dekat Malaysia??

pape pun, keep on writing.