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Kalau kau mahu harta segah Pemberley, carilah Mr. Darcy
Biar dia punya pride, dan kau punya prejudice
Kalau kau mahu ayat-ayat cinta yang Islami, carilah Fahri
Jejaklah dia di antara lorong-lorong Al-Azhar
Kalau mahu cerita sekadar roman picisan, carilah Uth
Dan tolong eritkan dia, what love really is.

Tapi kalau kau mahu aku? Beritahu aku, I love you too.

My Top 2010

Fikir punya fikir, inilah My Top 2010 - a compilation of the top 20 things I want to get/achieve within this one year of 2010.

So, here it goes, in no particular order:

1. Finish up Kiki No. 5 and get it published.

2. Save. At least RM50 a month.

3. Gain more weight. My target - 65kg.

4. Learn to swim.

5. Get another promotion OR get a BETTER job.

6. Serialised L.U.V.E for TV!

7. Start work on Saga Ophir, my very first fantasy novel!

8. Learn to play a musical instrument. Gitar kah? Piano kah? Harmonika? Rekoder? Kastanet?

9. Get my driver's license.

10. Finish up Ada & Evan.

11. Buy a camera.

12. Donate/sedekah more.

13. Get published in a magazine/newspaper.

14. Start my own business.

15. Make new friends.

16. Act in a movie/play.

17. Buy an electric stove and cook!

18. Buy/read more books! But first, please finish those piling in your living room, Pingu.

19. Try to be less annoying/annoyable.

20. Fall in love. ERKS? Huahuahuahuahua. And (try to) be in a (serious) relationship. :p