My Top 2010

Fikir punya fikir, inilah My Top 2010 - a compilation of the top 20 things I want to get/achieve within this one year of 2010.

So, here it goes, in no particular order:

1. Finish up Kiki No. 5 and get it published.

2. Save. At least RM50 a month.

3. Gain more weight. My target - 65kg.

4. Learn to swim.

5. Get another promotion OR get a BETTER job.

6. Serialised L.U.V.E for TV!

7. Start work on Saga Ophir, my very first fantasy novel!

8. Learn to play a musical instrument. Gitar kah? Piano kah? Harmonika? Rekoder? Kastanet?

9. Get my driver's license.

10. Finish up Ada & Evan.

11. Buy a camera.

12. Donate/sedekah more.

13. Get published in a magazine/newspaper.

14. Start my own business.

15. Make new friends.

16. Act in a movie/play.

17. Buy an electric stove and cook!

18. Buy/read more books! But first, please finish those piling in your living room, Pingu.

19. Try to be less annoying/annoyable.

20. Fall in love. ERKS? Huahuahuahuahua. And (try to) be in a (serious) relationship. :p


Am said...

No 17 may help you for No 3


muhamadakmalwahab said...

2- u saved up for?
3-aiyak...wanna switch weight?hahaha
11-what type of camera?
18-pls lend me some books...i already ran out of books to read...hahah
19-just be yourself and people would love you more...
20-same here dude....

Nadewas said...

no 20 tu..i ucapkan all the best for both u and akmal! caiyok!!!!

Pingu Toha said...

am, d trick is to eat every two hours! huahuahuahua.

akmal, 19- which means I should stay to be annoying??? huahuahuahua. I like!

nawal, wish that for u too, dear! :)

muhamadakmalwahab said...

for me la kan...we dont change coz people befriend with us in the first place because of us...not because they want to mold us to their liking...kalau camtu baik diorang kawan dengan robot...tapi tone down the annoyingness kepada orang yang cepat kecik ati la...i dont think that the friends who knew you well would be annoyed...for one thing, we had been friends until now even with the friendship despite anything...tone down the annoying-ness to those who are not from the same circle...hahaha