Tulis & tulis semula

No thinking - that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is... to write, not to think!

(Finding Forrester, 2000)

Ku ambil quote di atas dari status Facebook teman-musuh ku, Green Peace. Ku setuju dengan kenyataan tersebut. Kalau nak tulis, tulis. Panduan yang sangat straight-to-the-point! Yes. That's whot I should do. Just write. From my heart. Worry about the plausibility of the storyline/narcissistic characters/cheesy dialogues/skeletal descriptions/happy ending, later.

Just write, write, write and write.

Finish the story first.


Then, RE-write.

Only then you do the thinking.

And I always believe that novels are not written. They are RE-written.

Think about whether Chapter 15 should be Chapter 1. Or whether Character B should be meshed up with Character Z. Or should he say 'I think I love you' instead of 'I love you, most ardently'. Or to describe that 'big, gray elephant' as just 'an elephant'. Or to have all my characters living happily ever after.

Think. Do re-write. Think. Revise. Do re-write. Think. Re-write. Re-write. Re-write.

Sampai lebam.

The truth is, L.U.V.E had undergone a major re-write before I even dared to call it a novel. The same goes to 1 4 3. Both of them had been bludgeoned to near-death. Well, parts of them. Here and there. I'm not such a bad writer, am I?

When re-writing, you just have to be cruel to yourself. Editors are crueler. So you better buck up. Be ruthless. Re-organizezeze messy storyline. Kill off purposeless characters. Cut short lagging dialogues. Torn down bulky descriptions.

Do whotever that is necessary.

This is how I do it. I am a writer. No. Re-writer.

And ALHAMDULILLAH, in the end I am a published author. Er, re-writer.


peaceMAKER said...

pingu.. kecik ati ku..
ko panggil ku musuhmu...
sob sob sob

Pingu Toha said...

ku panggil anda teman-musuh ku laaaa!

bermaksud kurang lebih seperti hlovate. ku chenta. ku benci.

atau istilah sosialnya benchenta.



peaceMAKER said...

benchenta dgnmu?????

Izanor said...

I LIKE. Memang pun. Kena tulis dan tulis! Supaya timbul momentom dan... go go!

*selalu kena virus yang sama*