21/12/2012, Friday.

This will be my wedding date.

It will be a simple solemnization ceremony at the masjid. Or maybe at her house?

The reception will be held in a garden, by the lake, on Saturday. We'll dress in white. Or... how about pink?

No cake.

There 'll be lots of food. Nasi hujan panas. Sirap selasih. Ayam rempah. Daging hitam. Udang galah. Ayam panggang. Sirap bandung? Papadom. Ulam-ulam-i'mnotgoingtoeatthem. Chocolate covered cherries. Puding! Kek lapis sarawak. Karipap. Fries... opps! It's all about the food, kan?

The theme? Victorian? Bangsawan? Fantasy? Arabesque? Why not all?

I'll sing a song for her. An acoustic rendition of your favourite, maybe. (I still have time to practise, starting from now!)

Then, there's the photoshoot.

Guests? Guess lah! InsyaALLAH, semua dijemput.

Honeymoon? To a secluded island paradise. Or, your choice. Just you and me. We'll go there on Sunday and be back by the second Sunday after.

Then it's home. Our home.

Whot should I call you? Sayang? Honey? Wifey? Cinta? Or your pet name (whot ever it is....)?


☺[ai][sUmi]☺Chan said...

wahh.. dah siap merancang nih.. beruntung si dia nnt :) kenape xamik 20/12/2012 kan nak dekat2 tu?? :P

Pingu Toha said...

er. cz it's friday?

*~ aRaBeLLa ~* said...

kan bagus menikah ari jumaat?

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

lemme sponsor ur caramel pudding~ >.<

the theme, save the earth? ;D

white is not quite suitable for ur wife... maybe. hafta be very meticulous (term kurang tepat) for the fabric lah. white. u know.. ;)

i want invitation card posted to home add. ;p *demand pulak*

o ye.


*semua aminkan cepat!*