1) I am writing from my desk at the opis.
2) I haven't packed for balik kampung tonight.
3) I bought a pair of slacks, a pair of skinny jeans, three pairs of socks, a set of cuff-links, a set of baju melayu cekak musang in maroon. I initially set out to the mall just for the socks.
4) I haven't changed the duit raya.
5) Suddenly, there's a pile of work on my desk.
6) One of the lecturers for my upcoming kursus cancelled her session. I haven't got her replacement yet.
7) Where's the quotation from the caterer?
8) One of the lecturers got the date wrong.
9) I haven't checked on the cancellation of the hotel's booking.
10)My desk is a mess.
11)They are listening to lagu-lagu raya, replaying the songs over and over again.
12)I thought I saw the car on the road the other day. But who was driving it, then?
13)I haven't done my laundry. Bawa balik kampung ajalah!
14)Why did she fax this twice?
15)Can someone on the other end answer the phone, please?
16)Problem loading page???
17)When will she return my call?
18)I really need to get organised. Seriously.
19)Now they're listening to some 80s.
20)Now they want to go back early.
21)I think I will just have murtabak daging for breaking fast. Then Burger King on the way balik kampung.
22)My Heart Will Go On???
23)Seriously, dia dah kahwin?
24)RM25? I specifically asked for RM20. And whot's ikan masak taucu?
25)Kampung awak ke kampung isteri? Do I look like someone who is already married???
26)I have found his Fail Meja, finally!
27)Doing this Senarai Tugas is a very daunting task by itself.
28)Oh, for God's sake!
30)I'll find time to write the next chapter of Saga Ophir. I must!
31)I'm writing these offline.

Okay. The Internet is finally up and running. Now I can post these ramblings.


sufiyyah zulkifli said...

*gelak guling guling*

*boleh tiru gaya ni* :P


no. 13. silalah bawak balik kampung! :)

Pingu Toha said...

sufiyyah! GELAK??? HUAHUAHUA

nanachan said...

Awak dah kahwin ke?huahahahahhahah xD

*~ aRaBeLLa ~* said...

no 13 sama..huhu

peace_bbj88 said...

selamat ari raya aidilfitri ...

nurnuha said...

wah.banyak betul dalam kepala encik pingu bila dah nak raya ni.selamat hari raya encik pingu.p/s : balik kampung encik pingu ke balik kampung isteri pingu? ngahahahhaa..