Thursday, 18 November 2010


Berikut dilampirkan senarai perkara-perkara yang takkan ku lakukan. Even if you pay me a million ringgit, I won't do these things;

On second thought, these are the things that I won't do simply because I can't, or they really won't happen to me.

1. makan budu, cencalok, sambal belacan or any of the sort
2. makan petai, jering, kerdas or any of the sort
3. pigi Kutub Selatan. Sejuk!
4. panjat Everest. Sejuk!
5. cuci longkang. EW!
6. kahwin paksa. Hidup ku bukan cerita novel, occay
7. resume any former relationship with my exs
8. be totally macho and cool
9. do gymnastics
10. going shirtless in public
11. be 'the most eligible bachelor'
12. being asked for a date by a total stranger
13. be truthful about my feelings
14. play the piano
15. jumpa L lagi. :'(


Ad said...

let me be ur L hahaha..

Am said...

Aiyo, sangat tidak mata duitan En Pingu.

1 million for makan budu ~ okay apa.