I suck at love

The irony. A romance novelist who doesn't know whot love really is, who doesn't know how to romance a girl, who could only write love poems but not recite them, who could sing a thousand love songs but always off-key, who loves to listen to other people's love stories but doesn't have one of his own (not now), who would cry watching a romance alone, who would drive away somewhere but always return to an empty bed, who has the wedding date but not the bride, who would let others fall in love, who would love to love but cannot love, who could write his characters' happy endings but not of his own.

*ke satu sudut yang sepi*


Piah Becok said...

hm, perhaps God is testing you. Maybe He wants you to wait for someone who is perfect for you. one who complement your life. who knows?

mabruk life forever, insyaAllah

hiKaRU said...

cool la bro..

cba pgg dkt hadis ni“Sesiapa yang menyembunyikan cintanya sehingga kematian menjemputnya, maka syahidlah ia”

ak xtaw spe perawi dy tp still bley take the lesson..

cinta Allah itu lbh lyak utk kita kejar bbnding cinta manusia

ijan said...

at least u fall into a bed...albeit empty. i fall into any available space...sofa, floor, whatever...for as long as i can be horizontal :)

btw, i like your book already...although i haven't finished reading it :)