How To Celebrate Your Own Birthday

I almost always forgot my own birthday. Well I don't really celebrate, anyways... most probably because on the date, I am always too busy thinking about other stuff instead of 'oh, God, I'm like, a year older, like, let's celebrate!' or 'I wonder who will wish me first?'. It's always my mama and my lil' sis who wish me first. I do get a lot of birthday wishes and it's the thought that counts. Like I said, I don't celebrate my birthday... at least, not in the usual celebratory manner. I don't do party and I can't expect others to give me presents.

But when I do remember my birthday, I do celebrate it, usually on my own, because I will only get the chance after quite some time... when I do have the time and money to do so.

Anyways, here are the tips to celebrate your own birthday, just in case;

1. Get born first and live for (or survive) another year.
2. Smile when you wake up in the morning.
3. Give thanks to God for one more day of living and life.
4. If you purposely take leave on your birthday, sambung tidur balik. Kalau kena kerja, bersiap. SEKARANG!
5. Check your handphone for birthday wishes. You'll probably get them since 12 o'clock last night.
6. Check your Facebook. Tunggu sehingga malam nanti untuk ucap terima kasih to the Wall-wishers secara lump-sum.
7. Delete all the Facebook notifications from your e-mail inbox.
8. Expect others to wish you on the go, if they remember.
9. Do not tell them your real age. Always use the number 19.
10. Do not expect any form of gifts.
11. WORK.
12. Do not expect for a surprise party.
13. Think about WORK.
14. Browse Facebook for other people's birthday party album.
15. Merenung ke horizon sambil memikirkan masa depan yang kesunyian.
16. Buy yourself a cute cupcake. Or two. Or berapa2 yang larat dimakan anda sa-orang. Don't forget the candles.
17. If you have the money, buy yourself a present, get it wrapped nicely dengan birthday card, ribbons bagai. Or beli secara biasa. Save your money on the wrapping and card and ribbons.
18. Treat yourself a fancy dinner. Or a movie. Or a haircut. Or whotever la!
19. Balik, gosok gigi, cuci muka dan menangis lah sa-orang diri sampai tertidur.

*terus berlari ke satu sudut yang sepi*


hanaannais said...

urm. no 19 tu agak tragis.
selamat harijadi, en pingu

semoga berbahagia.

aiesyah said...

i love no. 16 and 17
i did it
tp awak kira lucky lagi la birthday bulan 3
sadis kpd org lahir bulan 1
org keliling tak perasan pun birthday u
lagi tragik

fuza mn said...

yeay, march! kite gang! :P