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I have been in three serious (siyes1, 2, 3) relationships before. And I have to admit that I screwed them all up. I'm a failure in relationships. I'm a bad boyfriend. And how the heck did I manage to write romance (three novels so far and more in progress) I just don't know. I don't even understand whot love is! Anyways, I've came down with this entry as an evaluation on my past relationships. Mind you, my love stories lack drama.

EX1 - you'll get a gist of the story in Tinta
Can't really remember how it happened but she and I were very close back then. I remember holding her hands whenever we walked back home after class. Was it love? Entah. But I got jealous over her with some guy. Can't really remember whot happened after that. But now I heard she's all grown up. Well. I'm already 27. She's a few years younger kot. She is with someone else. Already engaged kot.

EX2 - sekolah menengah

I wasn't aware that we were in some sort of a relationship until one day she cut a picture of us into two! She was pissed off because of some things that I wasn't aware of. And I was like, "Whot? I was her boyfriend? Since when?"

EX3 - siyes1
We started off as chat friends. I helped her with her preparations for PMR. Not that I'm a big help anyways. She's already so intelligent. She went to a faraway school. Heard that this one guy liked her. Somehow I can sense the spark. I called it off. She moved on with the guy. Their relationship lasted until 2 years back kot. Anyways, longer than when I was with her.

EX4 - siyes2
I knew her from a friend. She was my best girlfriend. We are still best friends. She's always there for me. Though I do not dare to kacau her life anymore. I mean she doesn't deserve someone like me.

EX5 - somewhere in KL
She's my buddy. But obviously she thought that I was more than just her buddy. I like her. But it couldn't be more than that.

EX6 - somewhere in KL jugak (siyes3)

This one was all my fault. I rushed. I broke her heart.

EX7 - onoffonoffonoff

I broke her heart. She broke mine. And we were not in a relationship pun!


In conclusion, yes, I suck in love.


[neverbereplaced] said...

interested nak tau en. pingu behind the scenes. your blog doesn't give same reflection/impression as your novels. heheheh

нαηιмQαtяυηηα∂α said...

hurm.. don't say you're a bad boyfriend. maybe you haven't met the right person yet?? be positive. ^.^

Nadewas said...

ur so cute Halim! where do i fit in? no7?

rabia-adawiah musa said...

how interesting..ur life full with the love stories so people out there can share with u..tru ur novels maybe..:)

budakkejam said...

all the exxes in the world would make you a man * pft. dream on*

hanaannais said...

Kau Telah Pergi ~ Faradhiya (OST Kemboja Putih)

shawnaoto said...

ade 7 nak kat kau?!!!!!! bomoh mana ko pegi nih?!!!!

nzard said...

SIYESLY???? why none from Penguin spesies?

NkilLote said...

salam en.pingu toha..
firstly sy telah bc novel 143 mksudnye love..n i like it so much..
secondly..sgt terkesan di hati i don't y..n i wonder what type of pingu you are..
thrdly i like to describe about you from my reading..you are so soft..very gentle no as 'lembut' tu..
hurm..blurr sb sgt excited sb dpt jmpe your blog..do you have a personal email that i can wrote to you w/out people can't see it..
just love to talk to you this was what i feel rite now.like love to talk with stranger..
first time i leave a comment for others page..you was the one..erm..