Can you see it?


I was driving home from Putrajaya last night after lepak2 with my friends. It was drizzling all the way. Duffy's singing accompanied my cold, lonely journey. Looking from the rear-view mirror for on going cars, I was surprised to find something written on the glass at the back of my car. It took a while for me to register it but then the realization hit me. 

It was '1 4 3', or 'I love you'. Either the culprit meant it per se or was just playfully referring to my book, I do not know. But there it was, '1 4 3', as clear as a sentence written on paper.

I can't resist but to stop the car and snap a picture of it. I tried a few angles from outside the car but I settled with 2 shots from the rear-view mirror.

It made me smile all the way home. Every time I checked the mirror, I saw it.

I do not know who wrote it, but whoever you are, you've made my day. Thank you.


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short,simple but meaningful. Keke

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