Aftershave: Puan dan Budak Sekolah

So I shaved my goatee and those 3-days stubble. Do I look like a schoolboy to you that you charge me only RM8 for that haircut?

I don't know whether siyesly I do look too young-ish to be taken siyesly.

Anyways, I managed to save RM2 on that haircut.

So I answered the phone on the first ring and dengan sopan santunnya answered you queries. Do I sound like a woman that you asked, 'Dengan siapa saya bercakap ni, puan?'



Do I sound like Justin Bieber?

I got that at least once everyday. EVERY. DAY.

And I have to coolly answer, 'Halim. Encik Halim.' EVERY. TIME.


FNMR said...

so you have a very nice voice huh ?:P

Pingu Toha said...


Izanor said...

Hehehe. Be cool ok Mr Coolly.