30 (atau Day 10 of 30 to 28)

Day 10: Something you’re afraid of. 

I'm on my very first chapter of a new project. The working title is '30 Hari Untuk Melupakan Cinta'. Hopefully I can finish it as a full-length novel. But no, it wouldn't be ready for the upcoming Pesta Buku. Around May baru siap kot? On weekdays, I can only spend an hour or so in the night for writing. And maybe two chapters over the weekends. Tu pun kalau tak berfoya-foya dan menjalani kehidupan malam yang liar. So bear with me.

I'm sorry that I can't carry on with Tun Teja - Drama Queen. She's too... girlish. I can't do her justice. And it won't be fair to you readers because I won't be able to finish it as its best.

I will have to abandon her ke satu sudut yang sepi.     

Anyways. This is not a romance. Not a love story. Or so said the protagonist. Basically, the main body of its narrative is based on my Lutfi Amri's parody, Lagu2 Enggan Move On. It's not about the songs though. It's about moving on. From a guy's perspective. There will be Teja, still. And Tuah. And that other guy.

So. Apakah something I'm afraid of?

Not being able to finish writing my books.

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cant wait ! :D