Day 17+18 of 30 to 28

Day 17: Something you’re looking forward to.
Day 18: Favorite place to eat.

1. My bestday in another 2 weeks. Then I'll be 28. ZOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG;
2. Will be the liaison officer in charge of the Bruneian delegate to AMRI this coming week. 1st time kot! Harus lah belajar accent Brunei dari Lutfi Amri kan?;
3. Dah siap 2 bab for 30 Hari Untuk Melupakan Cinta. Can't wait to write up another 33 chapters. *koma*;
4. Got a part in the upcoming bangsawan di hujung Mac nanti. Tak syabar ntuk steal the limelight from the main cast. *sanbil menjulang Oscar*
5. PBAKL 2012. Though tadak buku baharu  tapi bolih beli buku baharu orang lain;
6. New (old) opis. Akan pindah by March. Just around 15 menit drive from my abode. Takyah jejak Jalan Sultan Ismail dah!



No. 38 Taman Sri Jerkoh.

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