Day 19+20 of 30 to 28

Day 19: Something you miss.

It's someTHING not someONE.  Maka tak bolih jawab 'dia' macam Lutfi Amri. He always gets the answers wrong anyways.

So. SomeTHING. 

Hmm... Maybe that 1992 copy of Hizairi Othman's Syonagar. It's been missing for don't know how many years now.

Day 20: Nicknames. 

1. Pingu - writer alter ego since 2008;
2. Teja - diva alter ego since 2010;
3. Lém - since forever;
4. Cik Halim - when on the phone. Always on the phone. Yes, I'm soft-spoken but not in a girly manner! pft;
5.TTRB - when Teja is a bit too long to type;
6. Toha - when they mistook my father's name for mine;
7. P (P&L) - officially;
8. Sir - when I'm too ingris for them;
9. Halim - normal everyday. When I'm not neurotic or hysteric or dramatic about it;
10. Bro - when everything else is too gay. pft.

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