Day 21 of 30 to 28

Day 21: Favorite picture of yourself ALL TIME and why?

Tidak saperti Lutfi Amri, ku memahami kehendak soalan dan menjawab dengan betul. Maka letak lah satu gambau sahaja.

It's a bit androgynous, kan? I guess this is how I would look like with longer hair... or if I'm a woman? That would be weird though. But ain't I a dish? A passable beauty I might say. Or as a man, a passable look. I'm not handsome or dashing so to speak. Just average. Nak kata jambu pun macam haram je. I won't stand out in a crowd. Not unless I'm all dressed up. Yang tu pun kena compete with others yang physically endowed and naturally good-looking without putting too much effort. I try my best to give a good first impression but most of the time, I'm just too lazy. 

I especially love the smile. Quite mysterious, eh? They say people with tight-lipped smile have lots of secrets. hikhik Anyways, if I put on a broad smile nampak sangat mulut besar kot! 

This picture is classy too. Black and white-ish. Retro. Very 60-an.

Anyways. I'm too distracted right now to continue. pft. Nine more days of the challenge left.


Lutfi Amri yang tidak memahami kehendak soalan said...

Motif setiap entri mesti mengeji aku??


Pingu Toha said...

demi menarik lebih ramai blog feeds. apabila fangirls type 'Lutfi Amri' maka akan terus terdirect ke blog ku. hikhik