Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Since Monday lagi, my opismate kata I look happy sangat2. They liked the way I presented myself, in the infamous peperl ensemble. Asked me where I bought the shirt. Asked me whether I'm in love or something. Asked me whether I've finished my book. They asked me why do I look so happy.

Tu yang mereka2 nampak.

Yes. I was happy. I felt like being happy. Depan mereka2 lah. I can't meroyan in front of them. That's so unprofessional! Work is work. Though kadang2 tu meman main2 gak. Tapi I think I got many things done these few days.

Anyways. I'm too lazy to be a workaholic. 

And they say I look busy. Nampak. Memang ah. I wouldn't be that busy if I pulun everything at one go. It's the art of selective busyness. Mampu?

All the while pun mereka2 still cakap I look happy. Asked me where I got the blue shirt. Or whether I wear bedak. BEDAK??? Ayer sembahyang kot! Tapi tak cakap lah macam tu. Riak tu!

Secara keseluruhannya, 2-3 hari ni mereka2 kata ku nampak happy. Nampak.

Yang tak nampak ianya itu apa yang ku tak tunjuk, bila2 ku teringat dia. Yang tak nampak tu lagi jelas sebenarnya. Tapi dia pun tak tahu.


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