Day 28 of 30 to 28

Day 28: Something that stresses you out.

Migraine? Whenever I have it, I can't concentrate on anything. It dampens my overall mood. It hinders my productivity (not that I do much to begin with). It prevents me from moving too much lest the throbbing would send me into vertigo and nauseating wooziness. I try to dismiss the pain but it's like a headlight constantly flashing in and out unto one's face. My eyes would go all watery. I sweat from the fruitless effort to just let it go away on its own. My only remedy is to sleep it off but most of the time I can't afford to just lie in bed. I have lots of things to settle. My bout of migraine would last the whole day or more often than not, it would persists for two days in a row.  It cripples me. I cannot function properly.

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Anyhoo. Yes, migraine stresses me out. And when I'm stress, I'll have a bout of migraine. Which stresses me out. And I'll get migraine. I'll be stressed out. I get migraine. Stress. Migraine. pft

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