Six days

Six more days before my 29th birthday. So, I should start this entry with a list of things I would love to have for my birthday as a present la kot? Here it goes:

1. Wrist watch, preferably yang tali besi or tahan lasak;
2. Parfum, though siyesly I can't smell it;
3. A good book, maybe Syonagar (dah lama out of print, memang susah nak cari and mine dah hilang lama dah) or any sci-fi/fantasy or any fiction la!
4. A nice tie, or two, or three?
5. A pink shirt? Size M, slim fit.
6. A swanky leather belt, or two. And no visible brand stamp please!

8. Or, just surprise me!

Tu pun if I remembered to celebrate. This coming week ni memang super busy giler. Tengah prep ntuk glee performance on the 4th then ada big event on the 7th and classes and presentations and assignment submission in between.

Six more days and I'm going to be 29.

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