At 30

March, 7th, 2014,
I'm now 30.
Got engaged at 29.
My first fantasy, after 10 years of writing, was published when I was 28.
Had so much fun at 27.
Got my driving license at 26.
Got my first promotion and first time ever traveling by plane to Sarawak, at 25.
In 2008, at 24, my first novel was published.
Was a bit naughty at 23.
Graduated and got my first job at 22.
Landed my first acting job at 21.
Tried so many new things at 20.
Started my degree in Acting & Directing in USM at 19.
Got accepted to UM at 18.
Got only 6As for SPM at 17.
Broke papa's heart (again) at 16 - I ran away from the boarding school.
Scored 8As for PMR at 15.
Being awkward at 14.
Officially a man (no longer a boy) at 13 - if you know what I mean.
3As and a B for Math for UPSR at 12. Devastated.
I thought I was smart enough at 11.
At 10, I saw something in the sky.
Being all weird, out of place at 9.
Still learning about life at 8.
Got too excited at 7, pooed myself to a life-time embarrassment.
My first heartbreak at 6.
I saw my first ghost at 5.
A whole new world for me at 4.
At 3, I thought I knew everything.
At 2, I thought I was big enough.
At 1, mama and papa are everything to me.
And on that day I was born,
March, 7th, 1984.


Anonymous said…
che' pingu, if u dont mind, may i ask what do u do for a living now? part-time writer? im curious.
Pingu Toha said…
i'm a government officer by day and writer by night.

and a penguin in between.
Anonymous said…
pingu toha, please ltak map bumi agia kat blog ni bole? saje nak tgk all the details ^^
y[o]n said…
bile nk kluar sequel Epik Cinta Dari Agia?? penat tunggu.

pepun, happy birthday!
rinie26090 said…
You are a funny man..kah kah. I love yr scribbles.
rinie26090 said…
You are a funny man..kah kah. I love yr scribbles.
Aisha Sha'arin said…
Awak seorang Pisces, patutlah awak pelik. :)