SOON. PBAKL 2014. Featuring Teja. Alam. Tuah.


Laura Azura Zainal said...

assalam. I dh baca teja tuah alam. it just that i think it is too short. Maksudnya apa? I x puas baca! huhu. Anyway, keep writing.

Pingu Toha said...

That 143-page story took me 3 years to finish.

Yeah I know it's short as it was supposed to be a full-length novel but they say less is more. Plus with someone so over-dramatic like Teja, it would be so annoying to have her on something longer than 150 pages.

Anyways. Thank you so much for reading Teja. Alam. Tuah. I appreciate your feedback.

And, keep reading. :)

y[o]n said...

lama tunggu sambungan Epik Cinta Dari Agia

anmuy said...

assalam..saya tertunggu-tunggu sambungan novel 'Epik Cinta Dari Agia'..jalan cerita penuh fantasi..