So. Wow. My last post was way back in 2015. Whatever happened all this while? A lot. Life happened. Private, mostly. And now, I'm back. Well, kinda. I've been trying to keep up with the one rule my publisher advised me to do as a writer: Write. Get published. At least one piece every year.

Got 'Cinta Yang Tertangguh' and 'Separuh Nyawa' published as short stories in Antologi Cerpen Adiwarna 'Cinta Pertama' and 'Helo', respectively. Managed to publish 'Romantika Fantasia' in '10'. Currently, I am in the midst of editing the second draft of '30 Hari Untuk Melupakan Cinta', my fourth full-length novel, insya-Allah. Once I finished it, I will have to continue with the second installment of my 'Epik Cinta dari Agia' that has been on hold for almost five years!

So anyways. I think I'm getting my writing groove back. Not that it's as smooth as it was before. But I try to write every day, most nights. I miss writing. I miss reading. I miss having conversations with my characters of what ifs and why don'ts.

Hopefully I can get '30 Hari Untuk Melupakan Cinta' to be published within this year and to finish my epic fantasy for next year. And to write more short stories in between. And to read more books. Insya-Allah.


I'll keep updating as frequent as possible. Till then, cinta itu terlalu.

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