Working title(s)

Alhamdulillah. I managed to finish the final draft of '30 Hari Untuk Melupakan Cinta' and submitted it last month. Earlier this month, I submitted 'Siti, Tanjung, Perak' for JS Adiwarna's short stories anthology. I have just resumed writing the second installment of 'Epik Cinta dari Agia' last night. Most probably I will also be working on a few more story ideas that have been bugging for attention all this while. If one doesn't work out smoothly, I have another to labour my time into.

I just have to keep on writing.

I feel like quitting my current job and focusing on writing at home. But I am also scared that I will instead spend my own sweet time not writing anything at all, just lounging, reading other people's work, binge-watching Netflix, sleeping off my days, overthinking my nights. And who is going to pay the bills?

And will it be worth all the toiling, word after word, sentences, pages, chapters? I guess so. Though I find it very hard to convince myself at that. I don't know.

I guess I just have to keep hitting the keyboard, writing, telling better stories along the way and finding a voice which can truly define who I am. Even then, I don't think I will ever stop.

Some kind of recognition would be nice but I know there are better writers than me. Well, getting published is a recognition indeed. That's already satisfying enough for me.

As long as I write, I am a writer.