Breathe is Dr. Beni Rusani's debut novel. To me, it's an unputdownable page-turner story about its flawed main character, Dr. Adam, on a single day, in which the cardiologist, is about to die, ironically, of  a heart attack.  It's a medical drama with a nice balance between medical jargon and everyday ups-and-downs of its characters. It's a story about hope and second chances, especially to oneself.

I feel Dr. Beni managed to make Adam a human, not just a doctor but someone just like us, a friend, someone's son, a relative, someone's husband, his/her father, who lives and breathes all the emotions of a life's struggles. I love how he smoothly interspersed flashbacks of Adam's past within the moving narrative of that single fateful day.

Though I do feel most of the time, the conversations between the characters were a bit too American. I don't know, really. Maybe because I'm somewhat only familiar with American medical drama so I tend to imagine them that way. Well, maybe Malaysian doctors do speak like that.

Well, anyway. I give 'Breathe' four out of five stars. All in all, it's an interesting read. I managed to finish it after two sittings. Usually, English novels would take me at least five sittings. With 'Breathe', the storytelling itself is gripping and you really want to know what's on the next page, chapter after chapter. I stayed up till almost 2 a.m on the last sitting.

On to my next book!

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