Took me four nights to finish this children fantasy. I just want to savour every chapter word by word because it's going to take who knows how long until I found another of Hizairi Othman's work. I started reading Malay fantasy when I found his Syonagar. I don't have that book anymore as my parents donated almost all of my childhood's books to charity some years ago. It's very hard to find Hizairi's books as all of them are now out of print. And if you do some research on him, you'll know the story.

Anyways. Kai Di Lembah Urda is a typical children fantasy. Three friends, Zarin, Albert and Suresh were somehow transported to Lembah Urda, populated by Puak Oku and Puak Uzu. There, they became the legendary Kai, who with their involvements, were instrumental in the quest to defeat the evil that was trying to divide and conquer Lembah Urda.

The storytelling is pretty simple and straight-forward. I love how the author detailed the differences of the two races in terms of their languages, physical attributes and cultures. 

I find it quite funny where there's a part in which Suresh passionately explained to the Okus about where he and his friends came from. It was a crash course on Malaysia. I skimmed most of the paragraphs. Then there's this line where Suresh lamented that all his explanations were to know avail as no one is truly interested. Dah kena batang hidung sendiri, kan?

Three out of five stars for this one. I am still on my quest to find a copy of Syonagar. And titles from Kelab Buku Kenari series.

What should I read next, eh?

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