Permata Laut Silan, by Aemir Khalid (story) and Anshari (illustration), is not a book but a comic serial I somehow found somewhere while looking for nothing in particular. I was drawn to its cover and the title amongst the glossed out magazines. When I flipped through the pages, I knew I had to submit to its calling.

So I already got myself three issues of Permata Laut Silan since October last year, with the third issue being in January 2018. I think I tertinggal kapal since its first issue was out in August. 

Anyhoot. Permata Laut Silan chronicles the adventure of Seri and Hitam. Seri, an alchemist, is in the search of her jati diri, being a child of a Malay father and an European mother. Hitam is in a quest to find the cure for his curse of immortality. 

The storytelling incorporates the elements of Malay folklore; dragons, kelembai to name a few, which to me is something unique and refreshing. I like its setting being in the 13th century Nusantara. It's something different from the usual fantasy staple I had before. The premise is intriguing and the illustration is on par. 

It's a 4.5 out of 5 stars from me.

I'm patiently waiting for the next installment due next March. Adoi. Pasaipa la lambat lagi...

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