A writer is a serial killer

I don't know how I ended up on Listverse going through Top 10 Gruesome Murders in British Columbia, 10 Unsolved Murder Mysteries of Trinidad & Tobago, 10 Weird Murder Weapons, 10 Deaths Linked To the Paranormal and the likes. If you look into my browser history, I think your first thought would be to call the police. You'd think I'm a psycho. A serial murderer on the loose. You'd think of Criminal Mind and you'll call me an unsub.

Come to think of it, maybe I am a serial murderer... in the making. I killed people or rather, characters in my books. I am a writer. As I went through the books that I've written, I now realised that I have killed quite a few in a span of ten years.

L.U.V.E: I killed Ross.
1 4 3: Haikal and the little girl.
Teja. Alam. Tuah: No victim.
Ada & Evan: That guy with the brain tumor?
Maya Iskandar: Can't bring myself to kill anyone.
Epik Cinta Dari Agia: Flora, Aril, some ships, two cities...
Diari Pengapit: Like, obviously someone has to die in here.
Cinta Yang Tertangguh: That guy who became a ghost?
Separuh Nyawa: That teacher.
Romantika Fantasia: I'm too attached to the characters from Maya Iskandar.
Siti, Tanjung, Perak: Tak sampai hati nak bunuh sesiapa...

Do I kill anyone in my next book? How do I decide on my next victim? Here, I quote Virginia Woolf:  Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more.


sofie adie said...

wow! I really hate when the writer kills the most charming character. it's really really hurt man... I cannot move on after read it...too much...but like it or not, that is the truth in our real life...

ibarat melati yang tertusuk dalam daging tanpa darah mengalir tapi memberi kesan dan impak dalam imaginasi sang pembaca...hingga cerita sang penulis mencipta karakter baru dalam dirinya...

Pingu Toha said...

Death is a necessity.